We have not long written about the excellent Mozilla Thunderbird, which for a long time was our primary e-mail client, before switching completely to Microsoft Outlook. The reason for this is that the development of Thunderbird did not continue at a pace that was earlier, and at one time he even thought about his failure.

However, it’s great that Mozilla did not settle for that move, and this week they released version 60 of Thunderbird, which makes it more in line with the other and more prominent project from the Firefox organization.

The first thing that can be noticed in the new version of Thunderbird is the implementation of the new Photon design that is part of Firefox starting with the 57th version, that is, from November last year. This new design, besides the general refresh of the entire user interface, most obviously brings square tabs, that is, they are no longer rounded at the ends, and there is the possibility to exclude the section with the title of the window, which gives more space for the application.

Mozilla Thunderbird 60 also gets a new logo that is made to be in the direction of the new design, that is, the direction in which the Firefox logo is made.

In addition to visual changes, Thunderbird 60 comes with new and improved functionalities, such as:

Improving work with attached files that can now change the order, better placement of the “Attach” button and more

Improve calendar events such as the ability to copy, delete, and delete events, view locations, and more

Delete recipient of the message

A bright and dark theme

You can see the full list of changes that are not small on the official page through the following link from where you can download the latest version of Thunderbird, and it can not only be updated from an older one.