In San Francisco, the first sandwich in which fresh burgers are made by an automated system.

The name of theĀ company is Creator and after 8 years of development opened the first sandwich shop that will make burgers with their automated system. The Creator company from the United States opened its first sandwich shop where it will sell burgers made of fresh ingredients by an automated system that does not include people and will cost $ 6 from a burger. As the founder of the company Alex says, he has worked in a sandwich shop, so he wanted to do something different. The whole process of preparing the burger is by an automated system, so the company’s employees are here only for maintenance and assistance, but not for making the sandwiches directly.

What distinguishes this sandwich from the rest, in addition to the automated manufacturing system, is something that is exactly the result of that automation. The sandwiches are made from completely fresh ingredients that are prepared or chopped at the moment when it is necessary to make a burger.
This means that the meat is cut and milled before the burger is made, the vegetables are not chopped prematurely, they are chopped during the making of the sandwich and the like.
According to the author from TechCrunch, the burger is really tasty, so we’ll trust him.
This sandwich shop is the first to serve as a kind of test, that is, to present the concept. The first official sandwich shop, which will be designed for daily mass sales, will open in September.

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