We are re-writing history as the first manufacturer to connect mobile users to the 5G network using moto-mod technology. With up to 10 times higher speed than modern wireless technology, less delay, and wider frequency bandwidth, access to 5G networks will boost mobile connectivity and dramatically improve the smartphone experience.

Prepare for uninterrupted 4K live streaming and video calls, gaming without delay and interruption, VR emotion and the highest download speeds ever. With 5G, the use of smartphones will become incomparably quicker and easier for users and will enable businesses to improve the efficiency and productivity of their employees on the go. 5G will even lead to new and exciting features that have not yet been invented.

Today we are pleased to present the first 5G mobile device that sets a new start for video transmission, the connection of smart devices in the home, remote work and gaming in AR and VR environments. Motorola is collaborating with Qualcomm to realize this huge leap for the mobile industry, using the Snapdragon X50 flagship and millimeter-wave components.

Endless possibilities with 5G

Following our long history of innovation, our goal was to provide users with this important technology at the moment when it is ready and continue to look for new ways to offer the best mobile devices on the planet. Today, we raise mobile technologies to a higher level by not only transforming devices but also what is in them and moving them.

Download with 5G: watch your favorite show without interruption

Today everything happens in motion – from eating to watching movies. In fact, more than 50% of young people want to watch video content on their smartphone. With the new 5G network, when you travel hundreds of miles an hour and travel more than ever, you can download the latest season of your favorite show in HD format in minutes, before your plane is taken off.

A spectacular experience with 5G: Do not miss a goal when looking through your phone

During the World Cup, 486 million requests for the transfer of matches were registered, but 93 million of them were unsuccessful due to a transmission error or a slow start. With a 5G network, you can watch live without any delay. In the future, 5G will provide you with an even more appealing VR, so you can see what is happening around your home.

Share with 5G: Make a perfect picture during your vacation and share it instantly with friends and family

It is crucial that you have access to a secure network when you want to share your favorite moments of the holiday. With 5G, you can attach and upload 300 photos for the time you need to make the perfect Mai Tai. In the future, you will be able to enrich your abilities, especially when you are abroad, with natural language translation in real time. This will allow you to talk to foreign travel guides, hotel staff, and new friends with ease.

Gaming with 5G: Play all night with a secure connection

The 5G network reduces the delay and buffering of your AR and VR games and ensures smooth performance, which means the possibilities are infinite. According to estimates, in 2014, 40% of users in the United States will use AR applications on their mobile devices. 5G will create a world in which your children will communicate with real heroes in the park using VR glasses.

Education with 5G: Learn outside the classroom

Over 88% of children use smartphones at least once a week to write homework, and 64% of students use smartphones to prepare subject matters and other projects, students can use AR to visit a historical monument, recreate important speeches or work together on various projects with their peers from around the world in real time.