Although the announcements of introducing the first smartphone on the fold are still unofficial, and they also say that this would happen early next year, we still do not stop reading about what this device will be.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s Galaxy X, as it’s commonly known so far, has the codenamed code in the Winner Company and re-announces its launch early next year, more specifically on CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

In addition, this medium claims that the screen size of this device will be 7 inches, which means that when it is open, it will have an excellent size and can be used as a tablet computer.

This allows users to get a large screen that can watch videos, read books, etc., while easily folding and carrying in a pocket in a smaller form like a mobile phone.

In addition to the scrolling screen, it is announcing the installation of another smaller screen that will be placed on the back, which would most likely be used to display notifications and other brief information. This screen may also be in full size and used when the device is twisted and in phone mode.

The information also indicates that the company develops and retractable batteries that would be used in this device, and even though they are not necessary, they will provide even greater capacity that is already announced at 6,000 mAh.

According to us, this device will be the next revolution in mobile phones, following the introduction of the first iPhone that completely changes the way these devices are used. However, there are still many months, so we will see if and what will be presented next year.