Given that Facebook is the owner of Instagram, and this social network is becoming increasingly used by users on Facebook and other networks, it is expected that the company will want to make certain connections between the two networks.

Stories of two networks have been linked for some time, and Instagram stories can also be posted on Facebook, and this opportunity was added due to the poor popularity of Facebook, in contrast to the huge popularity of Instagram.

Now Facebook has introduced an opportunity for users to synchronize their Instagram contacts in Messenger and thus use this application to communicate with them. Synchronization is done by connecting both accounts in Messenger, and it is also noted that Messenger users will be made available to the Instagram username.

This option is meant to function similar to syncing contacts on your phone. This opportunity became available when Facebook made Messenger can be used without a Facebook account, that is, this application made it independent enough from the main social network.

Users can use Messenger as their main communication application, and they can do so with all users who have this application installed, whether they are logged in with their Facebook account or phone number.