The highest average speed in the world is 60.39 Mbps, while the average internet speed in Macedonia is 8.82 Mbps

M-Lab, in collaboration with Google, Princeton, and others, presented a report on the average internet speed in the world, based on measurements in 200 countries. In addition to measuring the download speed, the statistics also show the time required to download a single HD movie with a file size of 5 GB.

The measurements were made in the period from May 30, 2017, to May 29, 2018, and are compared with measurements made from May 11, 2016, to May 10, 2017.

The results show that the average Internet speed is now 9.1 Mbps, compared to the previous period of 7.4 Mbps, an increase of 23%.

The companies say that the increase is mostly due to countries where the speed of the Internet has already been high, while in the countries where it was small, the increase is very low.

The country with the highest Internet speed in the world is Singapore, with an average speed of 60.39 Mbps and the time it takes to download one HD movie in about 11 minutes.

The next 9 countries on the list are Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary, and Jersey.

Macedonia is at the 68th place with an average speed of 8.82 Mbps and takes time to download a 5 GB HD movie about an hour and 17 minutes. The average speed is increased by 1.48 Mbps, and our country also has a drop in the list of 9 places.

Before us from the Balkan countries, Greece has an average speed of 11.3 Mbps, Kosovo with 11.64 Mbps, Serbia with 13 Mbps, Croatia with 15.6 Mbps, Bulgaria with 20.2 Mbps and Slovenia with 21.41.

According to the figures, it can be said that the speed of the Internet in our country is close to the world average, and most Balkan countries have a higher average speed.