Elon Mask through his Twitter account, answering a question, informs that from August Tesla will start to release its ninth version of the car software, that is, Tesla Version 9.0. This version of the software will have some interesting novelties for cars compatible with Autopilot 2.0, that is, the automated vehicle management system.

What attracts attention in the answer from Mask is the use of the term “complete self-control functions”, that is, “full self-driving features”. There is no information in the announcement exactly what this means, so it can only be assumed.

The Autopilot system in Tesla cars allows for greater autonomy of the vehicle compared to the old cruise control system, which generally allows speed maintenance and automatic reduction if there is a car nearby.

Tesla cars can reduce and increase speeds themselves, change the driving lane and similar activities that people often knew to mix with a fully automated driving system, so we could readily find it inconvenient because of this.

Full self-control features suggest that cars can do more activity themselves, but we’ll have to wait and see the videos that will surely be published as always by some of the owners of Tesla cars. We just hope that this time there will be no such with traffic cumbersome.

Otherwise, the re-appointment of the Tesla self-management system will make some confusion among users. Fully autonomous vehicles are not yet sufficiently developed and are not allowed for mass use, with the exception of certain countries where their testing is permitted. That means the Tesla car with the new version of the software will not allow the driver to look at the Facebook application while the vehicle just does everything it needs.