Dating will be part of the main Facebook application, it will not be presented separately

At the F8 conference held in May this year, Facebook announced that it plans to extend the functionality of its network in the field of “dating”, which is to penetrate into the territory of Tinder and other such applications.

According to information showing the discovered and “hidden” code in the Facebook application, and discovered by Jane Wong, the company has begun testing this feature within the company. Wong has come in and posted on Twitter pictures of this feature, which shows how the same thing will look and what it will offer.

Otherwise, Facebook Dating will be part of the main Facebook application, as is the example with some other features of the application. Users who are interested can create a special “dating” profile that will not be public and can only be viewed by users who have also created such a profile.

In addition, users will be able to choose their profile to not be displayed to friends of their friends in order to increase privacy, that is, to reduce the chances of being “flown” to someone known.

Also, in addition to showing users who have similar interests with each other and thus increasing the chances of guessing, Facebook Dating will also allow display of the profile of the dating user that is reported for a specific event or group.

Ever since the first presentation, that is, the announcement of the service, it is seen that it will be something different from Tinder, which works on the simple concept of looking at as many pictures of users and clicking “likes” to those we like. Facebook Dating will be more focused on similar interests, as well as visiting the same events.

Whether Facebook Dating will definitely be enabled for all users is not known, and the company’s affirmation is that this feature would be part of the main application and is in the testing phase within the company.