Windows Firewall Control is perhaps one of the most popular Windows applications for users who want to be largely responsible for the security of their computer. Users who want to know exactly which apps get access to the Internet on their computer instead of one of the popular apps that it “quietly” makes for them in the background.
Perhaps unknown to many, however, Windows has built-in Firewall for a long time which, if you know how, is great for maintaining the security of your computer, combined with some of the great free antivirus applications.
The only problem with Windows Firewall is that there is no way to quickly create application rules, so users need to manually add the desired parameters to each application manually.
Here comes the term Windows Firewall Control, an application that is basically designed to manage Windows Firewall, allowing more features.
Windows Firewall Control, or rather the company behind the development of this application, was purchased by the well-known Malwarebytes who plan to implement this application in their products.
Meanwhile, the Windows Firewall Control application becomes completely free, that is, one function for which it was to be paid, becomes available to everyone. The function that is one, but the key is notifications, which shortens the process of including applications, which can now be selected with one click to create the rule for them.
The Windows Firewall Control page is on the following link if you want to try out the application or re-give it a chance.