Noticed by several users, Instagram is re-ready for introducing something new in their application, and specifically, in the increasingly popular Stories feature. Stories already have the ability to ask questions, made in the form of a surveyor in the form of a “slider” to show the level of alignment with the statement.

The newest way to test, allows you to set up a specific question, and users can fully respond with text to the special field set under the question.

It is not known whether the answer will be delivered to the user’s mailbox, that is, as a direct message or will be somehow shown in the story, which would be more interesting.

Instagram announced that Stories are using 400 million users, and the social network is generally becoming more and more popular, according to some information and a Facebook account.

Like any test of a new feature, so does this one, it may not be introduced formally in the application, so it remains to be seen. However, the company has shown that they are actively introducing new things to their application, which is one of the reasons why the popularity is increasing, so we will surely see something new in the following period.