Samsung S9 Plus


Has a good camera, has a premium quality build as expected for S class Samsung.

The camera is exceptionally good at low light photos compared to others.


Weak Battery similar to its predecessors,

Not very different from S8.

iPhone X


Most brilliant OLED screen.

An impressive front-facing camera that gives impressive selfies.

Battery better than Samsung S 9 Plus.


A glass case, you should consider screen insurance when buying.

Pricy without forcing price drop in the near future although new in late 2018 it would be replaced with new iPhone model.

Samsung S9


The design is very palm-friendly.

Has a premium build expected for S class.

Excellent screen.


Similar to S9 Plus battery is not good enough.

Only one sensor on the backside.

Huawei P20 pro


The best Huawei model so far

Amazing camera with three lenses that are actually useful.

The battery is better than iPhone and Samsung models on this list.

Powerful hardware specs that place him with iPhone and Samsung S class competition with a much lower price.


Interface –not very stylish and modern.

Only a full HD screen (battery has more power because of this).

LG G7 Thin Q

Finally, LG makes something good


Has excellent boom box speaker.

Impressive design (long-awaited improvement for LG).

Smart camera one of the best features of this phone.

Reasonable price.


Weak battery.

Performance not as expected for a Flagship model.


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