The reason is the users’ criticism of the new version of Skype, which has been in great numbers since the launch of this version last year.

Microsoft has announced that the new version of Skype, which is available for some time, becomes the official version of the desktop application, and the old version will stop working from September 1.

The major changes to the new Skype design can be seen on the mobile version made to compete more with Snapchat and Messenger, but the desktop version can be said that in addition to a certain refresh and change of the user interface, it is generally the same good application.

However, since last year’s redesign, a large number of users are rebelling and reluctant to accept the change, resulting in certain changes in the mobile version, which was a good thing.

Now the same is the case with the desktop version, and after the information that the older version of Skype will be discontinued from September, Microsoft received standard criticisms.

The company decided to postpone the application’s termination due to criticism, that is, as they point out, due to user reactions. That means users who use the older version 7 of Skype will be able to continue to do the same after September 1.

Until this version is available, it is not highlighted, but it is noted that the company will work on making the required changes and functions in Skype 8, after which the previously planned change will be made.

Although I personally like the new version of Skype I like, some of the restored old features due to criticism from the users were welcomed. Also, certain functions that I do not need, I just do not use them, and on the desktop are not even available.