Facebook has begun testing a limited group of users with a new feature that allows us to choose not to display specific keyword-based posts. Events with the selected keywords will not be displayed within 30 days, after which they will be re-displayed.

The function is called Snooze Keyword and is accessed by pressing the three points, ie the menu in the right upper corner of all announcements. After pressing the option, the suggested keywords are removed from the post, after which the user can choose them.

Facebook promotes this opportunity as a good way to “protect” users from getting some information early, such as sports results or movies, or so-called “spoilers”.

Although the company has designed this feature for this purpose, users will certainly use it for much more, and of course removing certain political announcements, as well as certain “annoying” announcements.

As usual, if the test passes correctly, this feature can be expected to become available to all users when multiple silencing options are announced within 30 days.