Mozilla chooses a new logo for Firefox and related products and requires the opinion community!


Two directions of new logos have been selected, and the community or users can give their opinion in the form of a comment on a blog posting where these logos are presented.

Mozilla, the organization behind the development of one of the most popular browsers, Firefox, has begun a process of changing the browser logo, as well as the corresponding application logos and related services.

The idea behind this process is to include a community that can give its own opinion, thereby helping to determine the direction in which to move with the changes. However, it is not about voting or any obligatory inclusion, nor inclusion by sending their own designs.

The new designs are divided into two directions, both retaining the famous fox in some form. One direction has a more geometric shape, while the second one can be said to be something similar to the current brand style of Firefox.

The two directions are presented in the next figure.