The change provides a more accurate and accurate view of the Earth’s ball.

Surely most of you use the most famous service of this kind, Google Maps, to find locations in the world, but also to consider it. Also, you must have noticed that, unlike Google Earth, when you zoom the map, the world is displayed in a flat format instead of the real “ball”.

From this week, Google Maps on the desktop or on the website of the service, the Earth will be displayed as a ball, or in the form of a globe, which gives a realistic view of the planet.

The reason for this change is a more accurate and more realistic representation of the Earth, something that has so far made certain “problems,” for example, Greenland seemed to be the same size as the African continent.

┬áMercator Projection has been dubbed the Earth’s View Mode so far and was used to better display streets in cities when they are exaggerated to some extent. However, from Google they are solving the more accurate display, so now we can see the Earth exactly as it is.