The phones next year will be able to recharge 50% in only 10 minutes.

Anker, founded by a former Google employee, is developing this technology that will enable even faster charging of phones.
Considering the fact that we can not wait for a significant increase in the capacity of the batteries, most of us fill up their phone at least 2 times a day. While making progress in battery technology, all that remains is the technology for their fast charging, which to some extent compensates for the lack of better batteries.
Once the phone has to be charged several times during the day, at least that charging takes a short time, so avoiding the waiting time before the device can be taken and freely used outside or in the bed where we do not have a charger us.

The phones already have a fast charge that allows most of the phone to recharge in 30 minutes, but Anker wants to reduce this time to 10 minutes. Specifically, the technology developed by this company should allow charging 50% of the battery of the phone in only 10 minutes, which can be freely said that this is already more than a high enough speed.
The technology they develop will work through the USB Type-C standard, which would be surprising if this is not the case, and is called a “filling pump”, or better in English, the original “charge pump”. This technology is expected to be the basis for making its fast-charging systems for companies already doing it, such as Qualcomm, for example.
The technology will work at 50 watts, and one of its biggest advantages is coping with excess heat generated when charging a device.
The expectations are that next year’s phones can come with this technology and with these devices we are constantly using them, we can fill them up as quickly as possible.