“Your Time on Facebook” is a new tool discovered in the mobile application code, through which users will see statistics on the time spent on this social network. The code in the Facebook application hides a new feature that the company is testing, so considering the trend with larger companies, one can expect to see it officially released for all users.

It’s part of the application through which users can see how much time they have spent using this application, or how much time they spend on Facebook. According to what is available at the moment, the statistics will show how much time has been spent on the application each day for the past seven days, and the average of those days will be displayed.

Users will also be able to choose a certain limit on the time spent on the application, and after it’s overcoming, a reminder will be obtained in the hope that the user will respect his own limit or at least contribute to a greater awareness of the “time spent”.

The code in the Facebook application reveals programmer Jane Manchon Wong, who sends the information to TechCrunch, who immediately asked for a comment from Facebook, and here’s their answer: “We are always working in new ways to help ensure that the time people spend on Facebook is a good time spent. ” Time Well Spent, or Time Well Spent, is the key term in the answer. It is a movement towards which larger companies are joining, and it refers to the vast time’s people spend on their smart devices.

Therefore, the new versions of Android and iOS will come with a built-in tool through which users can see how much time they spend on their phone, shown separately by an application. Android users will also have the ability to block access to a particular application if they exceed the set daily limit.

Given this, as well as the announcement of the availability of such an Instagram tool, it is clear that the chances are that this test on Facebook becomes available as a tool for all users.