Audi introduced the e-Tron prototype car with cameras instead of rear-view mirrors on the sides. Two cameras are placed in place of the mirrors, and their image is transferred to two 7-inch screens in the inner part of the vehicle.

Audi Virtual Mirror is one of the newest projects that this company is working to deliver today’s technology in cars. It’s about replacing the already old and standard rear-view mirrors from the sides of the car, with so-called virtual ones.

The Audi’s virtual mirror is currently displayed on the prototype of the e-Tron car. It operates in such a way that instead of the rear-view mirrors, two cameras are placed on the car, one on both sides, and the image from the cameras is transferred to two 7-inch OLED screens placed on the door, more precisely above the handle to open it.

I’m not sure what kind of view these virtual mirrors provide, given their layout, which is still slightly lower than the standard rear-view mirrors.

As for the rest of their operation, they still provide an advantage compared to the standard rear-view mirrors. The driver can change the camera image and adjust it according to his needs, that is, because it is about cameras, the image may be zoomed in.

Virtual mirrors allow you to adjust for multiple operating modes, so you can set a different view of driving on the highway, for turning, and for parking the vehicle.

At the moment, this is just a concept that is not highlighted when it could be found in commercial cars, but we are sure it will happen in the years to come.