Samsung will present the Galaxy Note 9 in a month, that is, on August 9th. They themselves in the invitation to the event, which will be held in New York, highlighted the S Pen pen, but they did not expect more information as to why.

That means that we can safely expect that the main novelty in Note 9 will be the new features of S Pen, and there is already unofficial information about which they may be.

A document submitted to the FCC, the US Communications Commission, reveals the direction of the new features of S Pen, which is to be expected.

The document shows that S Pen will come with Bluetooth this year, so it shows what opportunities can be added to the pen. Using Bluetooth technology, S Pen is expected to be used for certain activities on the phone that are not related to writing only.

So, for example, S Pen is expected to be able to use to change or play music on the phone, start and stop the timer, and so on. Also, some have announced that S Pen can also be used for painting, which is great for certain group images, as well as for selfie.

Remains on the introduction of Note 9 to see what features S Pen will have and whether Samsung has conceived some additional and interesting uses of the ones that most can think of at this moment.

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