It’s a mobile case that completely protects the device from any kind of crashes. Philip Frenzel of the Aalen University of Germany is an engineering student who received a prize from the German Mechatronics Society this year. This product is a holster for mobile phones, which, unlike most, really protects the device from all kinds of crashes.

On the market, there are cases that are specially made to protect the device in case of falls, but in order to enable the same, they must be quite large and bulky.
Frenzel’s case is nothing more than the standard holster, yet it provides excellent protection for the device. It does so through the effect that compares to the car’s airbag.
The future notes that the device is in a free fall, after which from the four corners there is automatically metallic one kind of holders separated on both sides of the device, giving 8 holders.
These allow for no part of the device that could reach the ground when it falls, thus providing complete protection. Their elasticity allows to mitigate the energy of the fall that will be transferred to the phone, so there should be no height from which this holster cannot provide protection.
Franzell plans to offer this holster to Kickstarter, and we can not imagine that there will be a huge number of interested buyers.